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How To Create An Efficient Banner Advertisement

By Gijo George

Banner Advertisement can bring or block traffic to a website. The success of a banner ad depends on how effectively it is designed and the creativity used in the banner. Apart from the design of banners the location where it is placed is also important for driving traffic to the website where the banner is linked.

Designing a Banner: A banner should be a perfect blending of graphics and words which can speak themselves a thousand words about the website for which it is designed for. There are many banner designing sites, which can help you to produce banners of different sizes and quality. But if you know some basic photo shop or flash software, you yourself can create a high quality banner easily.

Following are the steps to create a banner.

1. Visualize a Theme for the Banner.

2. Determine the Size and Type (Horizontal, Vertical, Square) of Banner.

3. Select an Appropriate Graphics.

4. Select Appropriate Words to be used in Banner.

Location of Banner Advertisement: The location of banner advertisement is mainly determined by the size of the banner. Mainly there are three types of banners. Horizontal banner, Vertical banner and Square Banner. The placement of these banners will be based on the size and type of the banner.

For example, If it is a 160×600 banner (Vertical), then the best suitable location will be on the right side of webpage. A banner having a 468×60 or 728 x 90 (Horizontal)size can be placed horizontally at the top of a webpage or bottom of a webpage. A 250×250 (Square) banner can be placed in the middle of the content.

Gijo George

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