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Banners That Bring Traffic To Your Website

By Gijo George

Banners are found to be generating more traffic when it is properly designed and placed on other websites. It can bring lot of instant traffic to your website by virtue of its simplicity and design. A good banner design calls for brilliant ideas transformed into meaningful words and images. Some animation built into a banner makes it more eye-catching and stunning.

Regarding banner content, it should be minimum and to the point. Don’t overdo anything, content or images on a banner. A good copywriting skill is required to design and create a banner which brings traffic to your website. A caption written for a banner should prompt people to click and browse the site.

Consider banner advertisement as a great traffic generation tool to your website. A banner, is representing your whole site and should be carefully planned and placed. The size of banner is also a factor, which makes it a success. There are various standard sizes generally acceptable for designing banners. 468×60 and 728×90 banners are widely placed at the bottom of web pages. 300×250 is also another popular banner size used by popular web sites.

Make sure that you are placing the banner on the right web site. The category of the web page where the banners are proposed to place should be directly or indirectly related with the landing page of the banners. Animation in banners makes them more attractive and prompt people to click them. You can use any multimedia software for designing a banner. Generally flash banners are found to be more attractive and animation can be easily incorporated during the flash design of banners.

With a good banner you can participate in banner exchange programs and generate more traffic through these exchanges. A good banner gives you high returns when you participate in such kind of programs. Carefully choose your banner exchange programs and make sure that your banners are getting displayed in suitable web sites belongs to your category. For this, choose banner exchange programs with the same category web site as yours. For e.g., if you are running a gift website, start a banner exchange with that category. This will make sure that your banners are displayed to the potential visitors to your site.

Gijo George

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