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Banner Ads 24-7

By Robert Choi

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever seen a banner ad?

Banner ads appear in various places on all kinds of websites, and their main purpose is to advertise an opportunity or service.

When you click on the image of a banner ad, you will be taken to a website. The shape of a banner ad is also varied, from a long horizontal rectangle to even a square-shaped block.

Basically, banner ads are a kind of “passive advertising”, which means that they are not the main content of the webpage, but are similar to text ads that one sees on search engine results. In general, banner ads are related to the content of the particular website or page that they are on. In fact, the more relevant to the particular website, the more effective a banner ad will be.

Banner ads can be placed anywhere on a website, and there are even special programs and services dedicated to banner advertising called banner rotators. All in all, using a banner ad can be a very effective method of advertising and a great addition to a comprehensive marketing campaign.

A great benefit to banner advertising is the fact that it is passive, 24/7 and inexpensive. There are literally thousands of websites where you can expose your product or service, and some of these have millions of hits per day. Get your banner on a high-traffic website and you have a perfect vehicle for promotion that never sleeps!

The real key to success in banner advertising is to have a design that is not too “in your face”, but attractive and pleasing to the eye. It should have minimal text and no flashing images or blinding bright colors, as that is an immediate scam alarm. Be creative, but don’t promise the galaxy if you can’t deliver it!

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