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Banner Ad Technique

By Sean Ray

If you want to place a banner ad on other sites, there are three ways to do it.  First, you can arrange to display the banner ads of other companies on your site, in exchange for them displaying your banner.  Secondly, you can simply pay a publisher site to post your banner; and thirdly, you can pay a banner network (do a search online for them) to post your banner on a variety of publisher sites.

For anyone who may not have a lot of start-up capital to dedicate to advertising, exchanging banners with other webmasters may be the way to go.  You can approach this in two ways.  First, you can cultivate relationships with the owners of other websites with whom you can then trade banners.  This will allow you to place your banner ads on particular sites and to post other banner ads that suit your site.  This can be time consuming, however, as you will have to foster relationships with each webmaster.  That means you won’t be able to post your banner on very many sites at first.

To get your banner ad on a lot of sites in a much shorter amount of time, consider joining a banner exchange program.  The way banner exchanges work is simple:  You post a certain number of banner ads on your site, and the webmasters of the sites related to those ads post your banner on other sites.  Generally you’ll have to post more than one banner ad for every one of yours that they post – that’s how the exchange program turns a profit.  The arrangement gives them more banner ad spaces than actual ads they need to place for their members.  They can then sell the extra ad space to paying advertisers.

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